Constructing for a
sustainable tomorrow

Over the past three decades, ASGC has a proven track record of being an industry leading general contractor which places a high degree of importance on sustainability across the project lifecycle.

Our sustainability strategy, “Constructing for a Sustainable Tomorrow”, emphasizes on delivering sustainable construction services which benefits our employees, the clients, environment, wider community and other project stakeholders.

ASGC constantly aims to construct sustainable projects and a few of them have received leading green building certifications, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Estidama certification.

Our LEED and
Estidama projects

Sustainability initiatives

Generation of power through Renewable Energy on construction sites

ASGC implemented a renewable energy solution - solar-diesel hybrid generator systems on construction sites. This system powers site offices and heavy equipment, using a centralized and integrated hybrid network of onsite solar panels and diesel generators. This unique system enables ASGC to reduce CO2 emissions by 44% across all project sites, offering a sustainable and low-cost alternative to traditional diesel generators.

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Sustainable workforce accommodation

In 2021, ASGC inaugurated the region’s first green workers accommodation in Jebel Ali- 4, Dubai, UAE. The accommodation incorporates sustainable technologies and promotes a healthy living environment for the workforce.

ASGC incorporated industry-leading innovative technology TermoDeck Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system, which heavily reduces the installed cooling and peak power loads. Compared to conventional or chilled water systems, the TES system is cheaper to install and has fewer operational costs. In addition, it utilizes the building structure for energy storage as no extra equipment is needed, which enabled ASGC to reduce the dead load of the building and lead to improved energy savings. This system also allowed ASGC to reduce the capital cost of air conditioning by approximately 20% and operational costs by 40%, reducing CO2 emissions by 10-30% compared to equivalent conventional buildings. The TEC system installation also allowed faster construction due to the utilization of the precast hollow core slabs, reducing the number of ducts and required machinery.

The accommodation has effective wastewater management through the grey water management system, treating and reusing wastewater for irrigation and flushing purposes. ASGC has also implemented a rainwater harvesting system to ensure that no drop of water is left.

In this workers’ accommodation, ASGC has also installed MERV 13 air filters, providing improved air quality and healthy indoor space for the occupants. In addition, electrical vehicle charging stations and bicycle stands support sustainable mobility solutions.

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Go Paperless

In 2010, ASGC embarked on a digital transformation journey, implementing a cloud-based Oracle ERP system, which digitizes the company processes, improves efficiency and accuracy, and significantly reduces paper consumption across business processes. ASGC has also adopted digital signatures and i-supplier vendor management systems across its supply chain, resulting in a 93 percent reduction in paper consumption.

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Say no to single
use plastic

ASGC has pledged not to consume products involving single-use plastic across its head office and project sites. To support this initiative, ASGC has provided all their staff with personalized refillable thermal water bottles, recyclable paper cups for tea & coffee and encourages refillable glass bottles during guest meetings. These measures have made it possible to create an ecofriendly environment and the use of refillable bottles has reduced our carbon footprint by over 5,000 kgs in a single calendar year, making a substantial contribution to ASGC’s overall sustainability strategy.

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Industry-Academia partnership to achieve community sustainability goals

ASGC believes that knowledge sharing is the key to continued success. We have a long-standing collaboration with prominent international universities in Dubai to help us achieve this goal. For example, in 2018, ASGC teamed with American University in Dubai (AUD) to share sustainability expertise and the latest advancements in energy-efficient technologies, in line with the company's sustainability strategy.

ASGC collaborated with AUD to build a net-zero house for the annual Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) competition, an annual premier student competition in sustainable engineering globally hosted by DEWA. In addition, we provided intensive knowledge about leading technologies in energy-efficient buildings, water conservation systems, sustainable buildings and smart home solutions.

Our sustainability strategy, which focuses on environmental and social sustainability, has been integrated into all aspects of our business operations.

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Our sustainability

Sustainable Workforce Accommodation

Sustainable Workforce Accommodation

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ASGC collaborated with AUD to build a net-zero house

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ASGC participates in Paperless Month campaign

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