ASGC is a leading
construction conglomerate

ASGC Construction is a vertically integrated construction conglomerate. Founded in 1989, the group’s corporate headquarters is in Dubai, UAE. The company owns the majority of its supply chain and utilizes mostly in-house resources, giving it a high degree of control over project quality and timely delivery. ASGC has grown and developed over the last three decades, to become an industry leading construction company for the execution of turnkey special projects in the UAE.

ASGC employs more than 12,000 personnel in its workforce worldwide and has revenues of over USD 1 billion.

Group expansion & iconic landmarks in various sectors

Over the last three decades, ASGC has delivered landmark construction projects across diverse sectors such as:

Key player in the UAE's construction industry

ASGC has grown to become a key player in the UAE's construction industry through its commitment to reliability, in-house capabilities and customer dedication. ASGC has delivered numerous projects with exemplary safety records, adhering to strict global health and safety regulations.

Provides sustainable construction solutions

The "Constructing for a Sustainable Tomorrow" sustainability approach of ASGC places a strong emphasis on providing sustainable construction services that benefit our staff, clients, the environment, the larger community and other project stakeholders. As part of our ongoing commitment to developing environmentally friendly buildings, ASGC has built a handful that have earned prestigious green building certifications including Estidama and LEED.

World-class provider of construction services

ASGC strives to deliver value to its stakeholders and customers by leveraging the benefits of its affiliates to deliver structured and sustainable organic growth and achieve its mission and vision to be a world-class provider of construction services.

The latest technological advancements

At ASGC, innovation is at the core of operations. The company applies the latest technological advancements to become more productive, more efficient, and more cost-effective.