We look forward to entering the next phase of our growth by driving efficiency through digitally integrated processes. There is significant development in the technology sector that can help ASGC to become more streamlined and efficient.

The UAE has a strong vision for developing smarter communities that are powered by cutting-edge technology solutions. ASGC is adopting new technologies that add value to ASGC’s partners, customers, and employees.

Technologies which we are implementing are disrupting traditional models for planning, staffing, monitoring, and delivering projects as the physical world becomes increasingly digitized.

Some of these technologies that we use include for example:

Drones in Construction

ASGC has developed the drone technology in-house and started its implementation for all the projects since 2016. It is being used for a vast array of tasks; from site surveys in the initial stages of a project to monitoring throughout the construction phase. The most advanced drones are fitted with radio frequency identification (RFID) which allows them to accurately track the location of pipes, plates and other metal products on site. Using a drone to take measurements and carry out surveys on these challenging projects is enabling ASGC to reduce the risk of accidents and save considerable time in development.

Future plans include integration of high definition CCTV and 360 degree video capturing technologies which will open up new opportunities in the monitoring and analytics of various aspects in the lifespan of an ongoing project and the planning of future business.

IoT Data applications

The optimized distribution, usage and utilization of assets is at the core of any well-managed business. The construction industry is no different.

From people and time to machinery and materials, the smart application of censor technology—commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT)—is already being integrated with existing business platforms.

However, by further adding business intelligence and artificial intelligence layers, ASGC can further streamline the procurement, distribution, tracking and utilization of assets, while creating new efficiencies as companies prepare more accurate maintenance cycles. It will also give project managers greater insight into their workforce, allowing them to assign more targeted employee training and safety protocol in line with UAE labor laws.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is fast becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in UAE construction. BIM makes it easy to visualize, estimate, budget and plan a project from its conceptualization to implementation phase. It also helps different project teams to collaborate on a real-time basis, minimizing expensive reworks, significantly reducing project costs and improving efficiency.

Ultimately, BIM has the potential to be more than just a data tool by becoming an enabling platform for the integration of other technologies. These technologies help us today to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

At ASGC, we have a dedicated BIM team of 30 engineers developing BIM models for all our projects.

3D scanning technology

ASGC Group has also deployed 3D scanning technology; an addition to the construction industry that uses 3D laser scanning to create models of existing buildings for renovation or expansion projects. The scanner creates the blueprints of a detailed model that serves as a progressive overview on the project. ASGC premiered this technology and currently being deployed in conjunction with ASU at the Dubai Mall expansion project.