Heat Stress Awareness Campaign 2017

ASGC Abu Dhabi Marina Bloom Development, AD – 110

Last month ASGC conducted its annual Heat Stress Awareness programme for the Abu Dhabi Marina Bloom Development project site, AD - 110. The ASGC HSE department, which is responsible for the regulation of health and safety practices at worksites, has been conducting the programme on a yearly basis under the guidelines of ADEHSMS and OSHAD.

AGSC has been working closely with ADEHMS and OSHAD (Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center) for several years to provide the regular training for Heat Stress Awareness and Scabies Awareness as well as other training programmes.

Upon training completion, the ASGC HSE Department provides information about Best Practice Alerts, which is place is put up on all notice boards across the project work site and follow up training is delivered to those concerned.

ASGC HSE department has been striving towards making the projects a safe working environment for all personnel and has had many certificates and letters of appreciation from OSHAD and HAAD for the continuous efforts in realising the same. 


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