DAEP Awards ASGC Annual Safety Awareness Trophy





Occurrences on construction related to site traffic controls remain one of the biggest contributors to work delays, property damage and injuries (some with fatal consequences).

The topic of the 2017 Annual Safety Awareness Campaign, hosted by Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) Construction Site Traffic Management focused on increasing awareness about the dangers of traffic movements on site and promoted the logo "Getting Where We Need To Be Safely".

Contractors, both at the Dubai and Al Maktoum Airports, enthusiastically supported and participated in the campaign.

The opportunity was used well to highlight the many hazards associated with moving around work sites, with a great focus on pedestrian and mobile plant and equipment Safety.

The event, driven by the respective contractors' HSSE teams, experienced active participation from their project management and workers alike.

Using a variety of innovative communication mediums such as mass toolbox talks, poster campaigns, quiz competitions and even industrial theatre shows, the message to move around on site safely was transferred to all.

Keeping with the spirit of improving general Safety Awareness, SP-100 also used this campaign to celebrate their recently achieved 5 million man hours with a lost time injury.

Other contractors also used the opportunity to acknowledge deserving individuals for their efforts towards developing as safe work environment, who received awards and recognition for their efforts.

As usual, most contractors also took part in the campaign peer review and presentation evaluation conducted by Dar and WSP to determine the winner of the coveted annual awareness campaign floating trophy.

Although each contractor deserves to win, the final best score for this year's trophy award went to the SP-070 contactor (Al Shafar). Congratulations to them and also, well done to all this year's campaign participants.  


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