Commit to Quit Challenge

Employee Wellness Campaign 2017 – Commit to Quit Challenge

Another program was conducted by ASGC to support employees to achieve better health – “Commit to Quit”. Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the developed world.  There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke which puts family members at risk.  Understanding that quitting smoking is the hardest thing many people will attempt.  This campaign was designed to give our employees the tools and necessary support to reach their goal.

In partnership with Illuminations and their highly trained staff, the program started with a Freedom from Smoking introductory seminar.  This class included:

  • Introducing participants to the awareness of why we make the choices we do
  • Identifying the powerful role of the human mind
  • Learning techniques for positive reinforcement in the subconscious mind

Following this seminar employees were able to elect if they are interested in signing up for the Complete Smoking Cessation Program.   The Illuminations facilitating team conducted individual consultations to determine if each participant is mentally and physically ready to quit smoking.

The Smoking Cessation Program will included (5) one hour weekly meetings, follow up calls & support sessions, bio feedback and stress assessment, and support material.

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