Commit to Being Fit

Employee Wellness Campaign 2017 – Commit to Being Fit

Another wellness initiative, included and complementary 1 week Fitness First gym membership for all ASGC employees. To support employees workout and results, ASGC kept promoting a healthier way of living, and that is by providing complimentary healthy snacks at the office during this event. All for the goal of developing and improving our employees’ health.

Like the name of the gym, we do believe in fitness first, that’s why during that week, we want to help push staff to positive change with continuity, both physically and mentally, as fitness and well-being immensely boost that kind of change.

During exercise the blood flow to the brain increases, making a person more alert/awake, the epinephrine hormone is released which makes the person smarter and more motivated, all in a day’s work.

ASGC, striving to enact employees development!

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