ASGC on BIM's relation with productivity and collaboration

“BIM enhances collaboration at any stage,” ASGC’s Digital Innovation Manager, Tamer Elgohari said

“BIM enhances productivity at any stage, in terms of labour on site and the number of shop drawings produced every day,” Tamer Elgohari – Digital Innovation Manager – ASGC stated in a recent interview with Construction Week.

On a similar note, architectural and design firm Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ) recently noted that its greatest productivity comes from aligning disciplines at the beginning of a project rather than waiting to make corrections on site, a process that is underpinned by BIM or Building Information Technology.

While speaking with Construction Week at the recently-concluded Construction Technology Festival in Dubai, Elgohari discussed the impact of collaboration on the incorporation of BIM.

“Collaboration is at the core of BIM. In fact, BIM entails the coming together of the stakeholders on a project – MEP, architecture and structure team. Without strong collaboration, you fail at the main purpose driving BIM,” he said.

As one among the early adopters of BIM in the UAE, ASGC is continually innovating its use of the digital tools at its disposal.

“We are exploring the market and garnering requirements from the labour as well as gathering ideas from employees. We then try to match these ideas with available technologies in the market,” Elgohari concluded.


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