ASGC Inaugurates Region's First Green Workers Accommodation

ASGC inaugurated the region’s first green workers’ accommodation in Jebel Ali- 4, Dubai, UAE and in line with with ASGC’s continued focus on innovation and sustainability. The accommodation is a state of the art facility and incorporates sustainable technologies. This accommodation can house around 1,200 people and is spread over 134,000 sq.ft., consisting of accommodation rooms, gym, library, prayer room, outdoor playing area, laundry room, cycle stands and spacious dining hall.

Emad Azmy, ASGC President, and Abdulaziz Bin Shafar, Vice President, took part in the official opening ceremony. Emad Azmy said  “I am very proud of this new sustainable workforce accommodation, ASGC group is always looking  to enhance its sustainability capabilities as a construction conglomerate, and this accommodation is an example of this”.

Benefits of the accommodation:

  • The only accommodation in the UAE utilizing the TermoDeck HVAC System, which uses a precast hollow core slabs as ducts, enabling energy storage. The TermoDeck system allows reduced energy consumption, low environmental impact and peak power reduction.
  • The building has reduced environmental stress due to rainwater harvesting, effective waste management, generation of energy through renewable sources, water use reduction and grey water management.
  • The building operates using clean energy resources through rooftop solar panel installations that provide power to the building and heat pumps for use in hot water generation.
  • The accommodation also provides healthier indoor space, offering improved thermal comfort, indoor air quality and reduction in light pollution.


This project was a design and build contract by ASGC and its subsidiaries, HPBS and ASU. The building was constructed with in-situ and precast building techniques and, during the construction stage, LEED sustainability guidelines were followed to optimize waste generation and construction operations. The use of precast elements led to a more efficient  project life cycle, a high quality and durable product and  reduced time, cost and manpower on site during  execution.

The design phase for the building included detailed coordination between ASGC, HPBS, ASU and TermoDeck representatives. The building consists of HPBS  hollow core precast slabs  and these slabs were used  as ducts for the building’s HVAC system. ASGC has incorporated industry leading innovative technology TermoDeck Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system which heavily reduces the installed cooling and peak power loads. The TES system as compared to conventional or chilled water systems is cheaper to install and has less operational costs. It utilizes the building structure for energy storage as no extra equipment is needed, which enabled ASGC to reduce the dead load of the building and lead to improved energy savings. This system also enabled ASGC to reduce the capital cost of air conditioning by approximately 20% and operational costs by 40%, in reducing CO2 emissions by 10-30% as compared to equivalent conventional buildings. The TEC system installation also allowed faster speed of construction due to the utilization of the precast hollow core slabs, reducing the number of ducts and required machinery.

ASGC is committed to sustainability and effective clean energy generation through rooftop solar panel installations that provide power to the building and heat pumps for use in hot water generation. Effective energy management is tracked by electric and water meters at regular intervals to monitor the usage and transmission of energy. The accommodation has effective wastewater management through the grey water management system, which treats and reuses t wastewater for irrigation and flushing purposes. ASGC has also implemented a rainwater harvesting system to ensure that no drop of water is left.

In this workers’ accommodation, ASGC has also installed MERV 13 air filters, providing improved air quality and a healthy indoor space for the occupants. In addition, electrical vehicle charging stations and bicycle stands support sustainable mobility solutions.

ASGC aims to provide a happier, healthier and more productive living environment for its workforce, who are the core strength of the organization.  This accommodation is a benchmark for the industry and will encourage the use of low energy buildings and sustainable living environments with high indoor air quality.

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