ASGC Construction appoints Mariam Azmy as Chief Human Resources Officer

ASGC, the leading UAE construction conglomerate, has promoted Mariam Azmy to the position of Chief Human Resources Officer for the Group. Mariam  joined the company as HR Officer  in February 2004 and has been key in supporting employee growth and development whilst maintaining a balanced work-life environment.

Mariam Azmy has been at the forefront of ASGC’s pursuit of a modern corporate culture.. She has  been responsible for planning and managing the human resource programs for the parent company and providing high level expertise to the subsidiaries.

Having extensive construction industry experience, Mariam has played an integral role in driving the company’s success through the caliber of its talent acquisition programs. Speaking about her new role in the company, Mariam said, “Looking after our people and helping them develop the right skills for the future is something I take very seriously.  We’re keen to continue to enhance our People Agenda and strengthen our employee wellbeing, development and engagement programmes.  We’ve also doubled our percentage of women in ASGC Construction over the last 3 years, but we still have a long way to go.  Diversity and inclusion is high on my agenda and something we’ve started incorporating in our talent acquisition and L&D programmes.

One of the indicators of ASGC’s supportive work culture is that the average tenure of employees is 12 years, which is a reflection of the sustainable HR practices and work experience created in the organization. Mariam is focused on carrying this forward and ensuring strategies enable the company to continue to strive and achieve growth with the involvement of all employees.

Mariam continues to be a strong advocate of the development of women both within the organisation and the broader industry. 



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