ASGC Annual Sports Day


ASGC (Al Shafar General Contracting Company), a leading and award-winning UAE construction group, held a Diamond Sports Event for employees which welcomed almost 500 labour and staff from the company.

The company’s second annual sports day featured a cricket match, with the Mighty Kings team taking home the winning trophy after a well-fought battle amongst colleagues. More than 112 players participated in eight teams.

The sports day is an extension of ASGC’s commitment to the welfare, sports, and recreational aspirations of its employees. Cricket matches help to develop leadership qualities and build team spirit amongst ASGC employees, helping to bridge all gaps by unifying everyone under the umbrella of the game.

ASGC hosts an annual cricket match for employees, under the official slogan: “We help you to live a healthy life”.

Curtsey of: Eye of Dubai

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