AACE International Conference

Protecting Capital investment through project cost control and risk management.


Dubai Hosts the AACE International conference 2017 with Theme “Protecting Capital investment through project cost control and risk management “01-02 May 2017, Dubai, the conference will have International experts speakers to share their knowledge and the best practices from all over the world. Along the conference will have Exhibition to demonstrate the best smart technologies in the field of cost control and risk management. Also Awards will be announced for the best practices in the individual and organization level.

Mr. Maged Hanna the Managing Director of the High steering committee of the conference said “we had partnership with EMARLED Publishing , which will provide for all the Conference Attendee Free Access for 3 month to their portal, to read and review the Newest Knowledge in the Fields of Investment, Cost Management, Risk Management for almost 800 International Journals, 2500 Published Books, and 1500 Case Studies, will cost almost 200,000 AED. This Partnership is very important in the investment of Human Minds and enhancing their skills through searching the Newts researches in the fields. The Most Important Investment is the Investment in the Human Capitals which is one of our most Priorities in Continues Education, which will be positively reflects in the Performance and Efficiency , developing skills which will leads to protect the investment and Apply the Best practices in the field of Cost & Risk Management.

Mr. Bishoy Azmy, CEO of ASGC in supporting the AACE International Conference said: “It is always important to stay up-to-date by following the latest trends in different aspects of Project Control theories and techniques. At ASGC, this is one of the most essential principles around which the department evolves. We currently have a team of more than 28 qualified and experienced professionals who are solely responsible for time, cost and risk management of the company’s projects.
Given the current fast pace that the construction sector is being driven at, we must always be a few steps ahead in these areas, in order to manage successful and profitable projects with minimized risks, thereby meeting the client targets in terms of quality, time and cost. More complex requirements are being demanded from clients everyday, which, if not implemented properly, may cause reductions of the Contractor’s profit margins in real terms. This has resulted in greater cost-consciousness for both client & contractor, and a general trend towards greater cost-effectiveness. From a contractor’s perspective, it even adds more stability to the operations, as our forecasts, monitoring and targeted profits are well calculated and tracked which, in turn, contributes hugely to the overall health and growth of the company.

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